Thursday, July 9, 2009


This entry is part of an on-line exquisite corpse – a short story told in 10 instalments by 10 different authors. My 250 word instalment is below; if you’re interested in writing the next part, scroll down to the bottom of this post for details on how this all works…


...her tingling hand, and resisting the urge to slap him again, Dianne forged ahead through the undergrowth. Peter watched her go, watched her put distance between them.

It wasn't over yet, as she would soon realise.
He didn't give up that easily.

The quad bikes were where they'd left them. Dianne jumped on one, gunning it into action, and took off.

Somewhere up ahead in the cabin were Bruce and his antiques. Doctoring his drink had been such a good idea. He didn't know what day it was most of the time, didn't notice things around him disappearing. But now she was ready for the big payoff. No more small stuff, she wanted the lot. And she was going to get it.

And Peter wasn't part of the equation.

Panting and tripping, he stumbled over the uneven ground, the handprint on his face livid and stinging. Thank God the bikes weren't far away.

Bloody Bruce, the drink made him so reliably unreliable. Anything could have gone wrong - heaven knows what they'd find when they got there. All he could think of was Bruce, reclusive old guy up there all by himself all these years ...

Suddenly he was deafened by an explosion as Dianne and the quad erupted into a fireball of burning metal.

He nodded, satisfied, as again he fingered the remote controls on his belt.

Another touch, and ahead in the cabin, the cold metallic finger of steel slowly retracted from Bruce's stomach as the . . .


This is part 9 of 10. You can find the other instalments here (but DON’T DO THIS YET if you want to join in):

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WANT TO JOIN IN? This exquisite corpse operates on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want to write the next installment, FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS:

1.IMPORTANT – Don’t read any of the previous entries! Read only the one you see here.

2.ALSO IMPORTANT – Post a comment here, saying “I claim the next entry”, followed by the URL/web address of your blog. If you don’t do this, we’ll never know where to find you.

3.Copy the text of this blog entry into a new post on your blog, but DELETE THE CHAPTER and write your own as the next installment. Start with the chapter number as I’ve done here, and start exactly where the last chapter left off (in mid-sentence if necessary).

4.Your entry should be EXACTLY 250 words long, unless you are writing chapter 10, in which case you must bring the story to a conclusion in 250 words or less.

5.At the end of the chapter, where the text reads: “This is part X of 10″, change this to the number of your chapter.

6.Add the URL/web address of your blog and today’s date onto the list below that, so people reading later entries can jump back to your chapter.

7.Finish your chapter and post it within 24 hours of claiming your place. There – it’s freaking easy! You can go back and read the rest of the story now.

8.IF YOU’VE JUST FINISHED ENTRY #10 and finished the story, DELETE THESE INSTRUCTIONS from the bottom of your post – they’ll just confuse people. ALSO, let CG know by posting a comment on the first entry (on, or sending him an email on CG will assemble a full version and send it round to all of the contributors.


  1. I just read this again and it is SO GOOD. Someone finish it now plz!

  2. Yes it's a hoot! I'd quite like to see the writer of Part 1 bring it together in Part 10, but I guess that goes against the nature of the corpse.

  3. og my gosh awesome! Way to ratchet up the tension :)

  4. That rocks!

    Come on, who's going to finish off this bad boy?

  5. Excellent.
    Looking forward to the end!

  6. (laughs)
    Yes, we're so close!

    This is like when you have a single mallowpuff left in the pack, nobody wants to take the last one...

  7. I claim the next entry.

    Damn, now I have to write something.

  8. Fantastic! The end is nigh...

  9. Part 10 is posted at
    And so it ends.... (sigh)


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